table Wine Blog #1

Hello Interwebs!

Now that construction has begun in the future site of table Wine we thought we'd send out a little update. Partly because we want everyone to know that our grand opening is imminent and mostly because we're super excited!! Its been a long, exciting, stressful and often times aggravating road to get to this point, but here we are. 

The state of things in the shop right now. She's not much to look at, but she's ours. 

This here is what lay beneath the ugly slat wall placed by GameStop.

Here is Katie's wine bottle sketch on the slat wall so she could get an idea as to where the bottles would end up standing.


Many required hurdles have been met over the past few months:

Placing the ABC notice!

And getting a thumbs up from the City Council of Pacifica!


We have a lot of ideas and are trying to focus them all into one cohesive plan for the shop, for example...

We're keeping the wild edge and mill marks on the cypress tasting bar. So looking forward to seeing the finished product!

The shelving will be made of dark piping. Here's Katie demonstrating why she will need a ladder to reach the top shelf.

And I'm doing my part in the DIY department. We had a successful trip to the Alemany Flea Market last weekend and found a great little oil lamp that had been converted into a plug in lamp at some point. It needed new wiring. Nothing a trip to Ace Hardware and a google search couldn't fix.

So there you have it. The beginning of our new beginning. Stay tuned for our actual opening date. We hope to see you there and guide you in taking home the perfect wine for the perfect price. Next up, a little taste of what it's like choosing the wine and beer soon to be featured in table Wine.